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How important is your Website and Web-Address?

Today your website is probably more valuable to you than it was a few years ago. In fact, It is probably more valuable today than it was just yesterday. That’s right, every day we see major changes taking place right here on the web. Your Domain is the web-address that leads people to your website. Don’t let your potential customers forget your web-address. If the forget, they won’t be able to visit your website and may even find a competitor.

An eBusiness Test for YOU…

Q. Did you ever pass a sign that had a website you wanted to see?
A. Chances are Yes.

Q. Did you ever forget the name of the website address when you were actually ready to view it?
A. Chances are Yes.

Q. How can a website owner reduce the chances of having their website address forgotten?
A. By using a Good, Short, Catchy, Geographic, Generic Website Domain.

Q: If you are a Builder in Long Island, which website domain do you feel would be better for your business…
” AcmeContractorsOfLI.com ” or “ Builder.LI ” ?
A. If you said ” acmecontractorsofli.com ” , you may want to leave this site now. Meanwhile, If you said ” builder.li ” and see the importance of a website domain, read on and Contact Us for a Risk Free set-up.

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